Associations d'étudiant.e.x.s


A joint initiative by Ph.D. students at the Graduate Institute Geneva, the University of Geneva, the University of Lausanne, and EPFL since 2019.

Let's make a more inclusive and equitable economics profession together!

We are Ph.D. students in Economics, some of us are “rare voices”, and others are not. We all believe that our profession could do better both in terms of individual experience and productivity via better allocation of talents. Creating a safe space for diverse voices to express themselves can benefit everybody. Our mission is to keep this discussion open and advocate for change at the institutional level.


  1. Raising awareness and fostering an open exchange through our workshops. We review relevant scientific papers and reflect during our occasional roundtables with experts in the field.

  2. Leveling the playing field through our mentoring program and theater workshops to empower Ph.D. students in building networks and mastering challenging environments.

  3. Promoting institutional change via our guidelines for more inclusive economics departments. These changes are approved by the Graduate Institute and sparked a conversation within other departments.

  4. Creating a safe space for research using our research clusters and our annual Rare Voices in Economics conference. During these events, we create secure and stimulating places to discuss research.




Twitter: @RareVoicesEcon

LinkedIn: Rare Voices in Economics